Potential Realized

The team behind Maxx Exchange believes that life is full of possibilities and anything is possible.
At its heart, Maxx Exchange is the manifestation of one Upstate New York family living their dream. Owner John DiMarzo founded the company after 35 years in property management. His young son inspired him to follow his entrepreneurial dream and find a way to give back while creating an opportunity for his kids like the one his father created for him. The result is an operation committed to creating positive change for individuals, communities, and the world at large.

Live empowered with honesty, simplicity & individuality.

When you take pride in your personal presentation, it can be challenging to find brands that reflect your values. Maxx Exchange creates an opportunity to support deserving causes while still enjoying the quality you’d expect from a premium national label. We believe the world needs more companies devoted to upholding the values of service, quality, and human relations. We serve individuals who prefer transparency and value over corporate notoriety. Your clothing doesn’t have to be an advertisement for a conglomerate. It can be a statement of what you stand for. Maxx Exchange stands for simple style, and so much more. 

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